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Q1: Is it possible to modify the I2C traffic? Or you need to break the I2C bus and inject own commands using separate hardware? Q2: Your demo shows the images from the two sensors being combined into a single HDMI video stream. Is there a way to use just one sensor input and pass it through to HDMI? Q3: The sensor data format is RAW10. Are any other formats supported? What do the X-Y dimensions of the CSI image need to be? Is there any embedded non-video data?Q4: Is there nothing else to purchase in order use the Embedded Vision Development Kit?

A1: The I2C commands for programming the sensor come from the ECP5 design. These can be easily updated in the Verilog code (state machine).

A2: Yes, you can easily display a single image using the following IP:

A3: List of supported formats is in this link:

However, you would need to convert the sensor data into RGB to interface with the HDMI transmitter using the ECP5. The EVDK supports resolutions up to 1080p (this is limited by the HDMI transmitter).

A4: Correct, license and programming interface are included, and no external programmer is needed.

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