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Why is the Embedded VIP kit dual camera demo resets every after 4hrs?

For all our demo boards/designs we have an internal counter that runs for about 4 hours, after that the demo with stop working. However, if the customer has bought these EVDK kits, then they should ask for a new license file for ECP5 device so that they don't run into the 4 hour limit. Once they have the updated license file they should be able to recreate the design and run the demo just fine.As for the varied running time, it is an expected behavior. The HW timer induced by an IP evaluation (no license mode) is implemented using a fabric based ring oscillator. It is highly sensitive to the fabric implementation with varied routing delays and also PVT sensitive. Due to this, each bit stream from the same design will have a different running time from others, and the same bitstream will have different running time on different board due to PVT. We roughly estimate the running time would be 4~6 hour range but it could be faster or slower than that range as well.License is good for 1year subscription only.
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