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How to turn off the bandgap so right after the device enter to user mode, it will be with Bandgap=Disables?

Follow the following steps:a. Instantiate "Power Controller" module available from the IPExpress.b. In the IPExpress GUI, select/tick the options "Enable Standby flags", and "Turn off Bandgap when in Standby".c. Now, to turn off the Bandgap, there are two ways:1.Develop a logic/FSM that drives the "USERSTDBY" input of the Power Controller module within the design.A rising edge of this signal begins the shut-down sequence to enter standby. A falling edge of this signalbegins the wake up sequence from standby.2.The second way is Hardwiring. You can have the "DONE" pin hardwired to "USERSTDBY", so that immediatelyafter the configuration the Bandgap is turned off. For this, you need to bring the USERSTDBY port to an externalpin on the device, and connect it to the DONE pin externally. You also need to have enabled the DONE persistencein the Spreadsheet View, Global preferences tab.
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