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ID: 5501
Case Type: faq
Category: Architecture
Related To: Embedded Functional Block (EFB)
Family: MACHXO3

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Can the MACHXO3 be reprogram over I2C in "User Mode" in addition to access EFB's Primary hardened User I2C, along Primary Configuration I2C?

The user cannot use both in the same design. The Primary I2C port must be eitherused only for the Configuration of the device, or only for implementing the User I2C function.Both cannot be used in the same design, because the User mode I2C would interfere withConfiguration I2C process (because they both share the same port on the device), whichmay lead to configuration failure.But the user could use, Secondary I2C for User function, and continue to use Primary I2C onlyfor configuration purpose.
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