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Is the internal oscillator of the MachXO device User-Adjustable?

The internal oscillator of the MachXO device is not user adjustable; it runs at a fixed frequency. The frequency can vary from 18 to 26 MHz from device to device due to variations in the silicon process. The internal oscillator was originally designed for use during the device configuration so accuracy was not a primary feature of the design.

The oscillator was also made available to users for use as a clock source however if you need a high accuracy oscillator an external crystal based oscillator should be used. The user oscillator on the MachXO device was characterized over voltage, temperature, and process. The majority of the variation is across the process splits and from die to die. The variation across temperature and voltage is less than 5% across the range.

The oscillator for most devices will operate between 20 and 24 MHz with the variation being between die.
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