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How to configure one instance of the FLEXlm License Manager with multiple vendors using FLEXlm security in Windows Platform?

Using FLEXlm’s license management utility, LMTOOLS, you can configure a separate service for each individual vendor. Three components are required: FLEXlm’s lmgrd.exe, the vendor specific daemon file (ispdsdmn.exe for Lattice) and the Lattice vendor specific license file.

In order to use one instance of LMTOOLS to manage multiple vendors using FLEXlm Security, user must ensure that the latest version of lmgrd.exe of all the vendors is being used and that all of the vendor daemon files reside in the same directory as lmgrd.exe.

Step by step instructions:

1. Determine the version number of lmgrd.exe. Locate the version of lmgrd.exe from each vendor, right-click the file in Windows Explorer and click Properties. Select the Version tab to view the version number. Choose the latest version as the version to be used.

2. Place all of the vendor daemon files in the same folder.

The default location for Lattice’s network installation is to place lmgrd.exe and ispdsdmn.exe in C:\lscc\diamond\3.X_x64\ispfpga\bin\nt64. You will need to place the other vendor daemon files in this same folder. Ensure that the lmgrd.exe file located in this folder is the highest version of all the vendor lmgrd.exe files. If not, then replace the lmgrd.exe file of this folder with that of the highest version supported by the corresponding vendor daemon.

3. Configure and start the ispdsdmn and other vendor services using LMTOOLS.

> Please go to the default Lattice Diamond software installation location at C:\lscc\diamond\3.X_x64\ispfpga\bin\nt64 and please open the tool 'lmtools.exe' by clicking on it.

> Select Configuration Using Services. If you have an existing service(s) created and running, Stop the server.

> Click the Configure Services tab.

> Choose an existing Service or input a new service name. It is recommended that user use a name that will easily identify the vendor, e.g. LATTICE.

> Browse to the location of lmgrd.exe. The default location is C:\lscc\diamond\3.X_x64\ispfpga\bin\nt64.

> Browse to the location of the Lattice license file(s). The default location is C:\lscc\diamond\3.X_x64\license.

> Browse to the location of the FLEXlm debug log file. To have LMTOOLS create the debug log file for you, browse to the folder where you want the debug log file to be placed, and type debug.log. We recommend using C:\lscc\diamond\3.X_x64\ispfpga\license\debug.log. for easy access.

> Select the Use Services and Start Server at Power Up check boxes.

> Click Save Service and Yes to confirm that you are saving the service. Repeat this process for each individual vendor that also uses FLEXlm security. Ensure that you use the exact same path the lmgrd.exe file and that you specify a new Service name for each vendor.

4. Start the License Server. To start the license server, either reboot the server or start each service manually:

> On the Configure Services tab, select the FLEXlm license service that you would like to start.

> Switch to the Start/Stop/Reread tab and click Start Server. The license service will typically start in 15-20 seconds.
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