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How can the iCE40 devices be programmed using a microcontroller?

If you want to program the iCE40 NVCM using a microcontroller, then you need the "iCE40 NVCM Programming Spec". The iCE40 NVCM programming spec is released by creating a support case via Lattice Technical Support portal. In case you want to program the CRAM, refer to the iCE40 Programming and Configuration User Guide (FPGA-TN-02001) by going to this link:

The TN gives most of the details on the configuration procedure. Below is an example pseudo code that can be used:

gpio_pin_clear(SPI_CS); // CS high to lowdelay_us(8);

delay_us(8); // delay for 8 us

// CRST high to low

// delay 800 us

// CRST low to high

// delay 1200 us

// CS low to high
// 8 dummy clk when CS is high

// CS high to low
//send the bitstream

// CS low to high
// Send 100 dummy
// delay of 1000 us
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