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Which Driver and or BIOS should I use for Silicon Image controller part number?

When selecting a driver for upgrade or installation, pick the latest released driver for your Silicon Image controller part number. Install the driver that is the same type as the BIOS you have installed for your controller.

When replacing or updating the BIOS, pick the latest release of the BIOS that provides the desired functionality. For nonRAID applications and connection of removable media drives, use the IDE BIOS and drivers. Use the SATARAID or Medley RAID BIOS and drivers for RAID 0, 1 and 10. Use the SATARAID5 BIOS and drivers for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10. The SATARAID5 BIOS and drivers are replacing the SATARAID BIOS and drivers for the more advanced SATA controllers so they are the best choice for RAID with the Sil 3114, Sil 3124, and Sil 3132.

When installing or upgrading drivers and BIOS, be sure to always use the same type of driver and BIOS. Use SATARAID drivers with SATARAID BIOS, SATARAID5 drivers with SATARAID5 BIOS, and Medley RAID drivers with Medley RAID BIOS. Use IDE/nonRAID drivers with IDE/nonRAID BIOS. Mixing BIOS and driver types doesn't work. For best results, use the releases of BIOS and management tools recommended for the driver on the driver download page.

You can usually identify the type of BIOS you have from the BIOS boot time messages. IDE BIOS will have a message with "SATALink" during boot. SATARAID and SATARAID5 will have a "SATARAID" message. Enter the BIOS configuration menu by pressing F4 or CNTRL+S to determine whether you have SATARAID or SATARAID5 BIOS. Only SATARAID 5 BIOS has support for RAID 5. Medley RAID BIOS has a "Medley RAID" boot time message.

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