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How to use ispVM or Reveal Analyzer remote from other PC with an ethernet connection?

You can use Windows Remote Desktop to connect to another PC (Host) from your PC (Client), if both, the Host and the Client, are on the same network. In this case, server-based floating license for Lattice Diamond is required.

When the Host machine has a node-locked license, and you try to access it from your desktop, it  fails to checkout the license. This is because the Lattice Diamond software validates the node-locked license by checking the NIC address of the PC where the software is running. If the NIC address does not match the address in the node-locked license file, the software launch fails.

ispVM System runs without any problem as it does not require license, but for Diamond/Reveal the licensing is critical.
To use Reveal Analyzer remote from other PC:

1. Apply for a server-based floating license, or
2. Apply another node-locked license for your machine (Client PC), and place the license file in the Host PC, or
3. Use VNC Viewer to access the Host machine. With VNC Viewer, Diamond is actually running on the server (Host PC). It only displays the software GUI and the compiling results on the Client PC.
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