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Why do I get the "FLEXlm not initialized" error message on opening Active-HDL Lattice Edition software? 

This error generally occurs due to conflict in the Windows registry settings, which prevents the Active-HDL Lattice Edition software to start. To resolve this error, reinstall the software as follows: > 1. Clear LM_LICENSE_FILE system environment variable. Please take a backup of it, in case you are using it for multiple programs. 2. Go to the Windows registry and clear the License path.a. Go to Start-> Run. The Run window opens.b. Type regedit in the data box area of the Run window. The Registry Editor appears.c. Press Ctrl+F, type LM_LICENSE_FILE, and select Find Next. It starts searching for this string.d. When it finds one, right click on it, select delete and close the registry editor to save the changes.
3. Uninstall the Lattice Diamond software/iCEcube2 and reboot your system. 4. Install Lattice Diamond software/iCEcube2 afresh with admin privileges. 5. When the installation is done, place the license file into the default license directory of Lattice Diamond software/iCEcube2 that is /license.
6. Reboot your system to make sure all the registry settings are modified correctly.  7. Right click on the Active-HDL Lattice Edition software, select Run as Administrator and check if it works.
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