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How to renew my existing Lattice Diamond License that has expired?

The generated license file is an annual license, and needs to be regenerated after a year.If you have a free License, it can be regenerated as follows.To generate a free license for Lattice Diamond Software, visit the Lattice Web Licensing page. to -> Support -> Licensing ->Lattice Diamond Design Software -> Lattice Diamond Free License -> Click Request a Free License.If you purchased a license for Lattice Diamond Software, you can either generate a 30-day Temporary Extension License or purchase an annual license again.To generate the 30-day Temporary Extension License file, on the Lattice Web Licensing page, under Lattice Diamond Subscription License 30-Day Extension, click Request an Extension.The Subscription License can be renewed by purchasing a Subscription License at the existing market price. List price is set at an industry low level. Follow the steps described in FAQ#3923 to generate the Subscription License.
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