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How do I restore the LatticeECP3 IO Protocol evaluation board back to the original factory programming?

Situation: An engineer has been learning to use the Lattice tools,
trying out IPs and experimenting with the features available in the
Lattice devices on the LatticeECP3 IO Protocol evaluation board. During
the course of use, one of the two supporting programmable devices on the
evaluation board have become erased or reprogrammed to where the board
is no longer able to be programmed. As such, it is desired to return the
the evalution board back to the factory default programming. Is there
an easy way to do this?

Answer: To bring the LatticeECP3 IO Protocol evaluation board back to the original factory programming, go to this page on the Lattice site:

Then click on the icon labeled "Default Programming Files" and save the ECP3_IOP_Rev_C_Default_1.2.ZIP file in a temporary directory. Now unzip the file and follow the instructions in the top directory to restore the programming of either or both the Lattice ispPAC (U17) or the Lattice MachXO (U5) devices. The LatticeECP3 (U7) default programming files are also included in that file set.

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