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Why is Lattice freezing ispLEVER after the release of version 8.2?

Lattice Diamond is the next generation FPGA design environment.  Lattice Diamond leverages the engines used by ispLEVER and provides a flow control and a GUI more suitable to Lattices strategic goal to deliver innovative flows to target low-power and cost sensitive FPGA applications.  By focusing the effort on this new platform, we will be able to reach the economy of scale we need to allow us to be more responsive to new market demands and opportunities. 
This "freeze" plan does NOT affect ispLEVER Classic. ispLEVER Classic will continue to be supported and releases will be provided on an annual basis.  
This freeze plan affects ispLEVER and most immediately ispLEVER Starter.  Our current plan is to freeze ispLEVER after the release of version 8.2 toward the end of 2011.
ispLEVER Starter has already been frozen and subsequently removed from the download section of the Lattice website.  It is being replaced by Lattice Diamond for windows, which is currently available for download on the Lattice website at the following URL:
Lattice Diamond Downloads
Lattice offers a  free 1-year renewable license for Lattice Diamond, which can be requested here:
Lattice Diamond Free License Request
Users can continue to maintain their existing designs using ispLEVER and ispLEVER Starter for as long as needed. However the level of Lattice support for these products will be significantly reduced over time to the point of eventually being completely frozen. This will happen over the course of 12 months giving customers ample time to migrate to Lattice Diamond.  We strongly encourage users to move to Lattice Diamond as soon as possible.
Until further notice, we will support renewal and maintenance of licenses.  
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