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Why doesn't my Aldec ActiveHDL license server work after migrating from Solaris to a Microsoft Windows or Linux based license server?

Aldec ActiveHDL licensing, like most CAD tools, uses Flexera FLEXLM to control the number of users simultaneously using the ActiveHDL simulation tools. The FLEXLM licenses provided for a Solaris based computer are generated based on the Solaris systems unique hostid. Licenses generated for Microsoft Windows, or for a Linux operating system based computer are created against a USB dongle.

Migrating away from a Solaris FLEXLM license to a Windows or Linux license server requires you to take a few steps:

  1. Acquire a FLEXLM USB dongle
  2. Acquire a new license.dat file tied to the ID code printed on the USB dongle
  3. Installation of the Flexera Sentinel USB dongle driver.

If you are migrating away from a Solaris license server to one on another supported operating system and you do not already have a Flexera USB dongle, please contact your local Lattice Semiconductor sales office and they can assist you in the relicensing process.

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