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When replacing an expired ispLEVER license file, how do I clear the FlexLM licensing environment variable in Windows registry?

The Flexlm license is a third party tool. It modifies Windows' registry and system environment variable LM_LICENSE_FILE. During installation, it will not delete the old paths in registry, thus sometimes it may still point to the incorrect file when there are multiple license files exist. This can become an issue causing the software using the old license instead of the new one. Flexlm License file variable is stored in PC registry. When ispLEVER
software is being installed, it will add a path in the LM_LICENSE_FILE(environment variable). When it is uninstalled, the path
can't be deleted automatically.

Here is the procedure to clean the registry:

1. Close ispLEVER.
2. Windows menu Start-Run-regedit (to bring up Windows Registry)
4. Right click on LATTICE_LICENSE_FILE, and delete this key
5. Open ispLEVER. In the Windows Registry menu View - Refresh, you should see the new paths from the LM_LICENSE_FILE env var.
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