Other Wireline Applications

Low cost connectivity, control and power management – Complement your data path ASICs and ASSPs with industry leading low density FPGA, ultra low density CPLD and mixed-signal power management products.

Cost and power optimized IP portfolio – Invest your time in differentiating your products by leveraging our portfolio of standard connectivity and data path IP, designed from the ground up for low cost and power consumption.

System level reference designs with leading ASSPs – Accelerate your time-to-market with fully verified, off-the-shelf system level reference designs and HW platforms, developed in partnership with leading ASSP vendors.

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Design Resources for Wireline Solutions

Programmable Logic IP
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2
10Gb+ Ethernet MAC Lattice  
Flexibilis Ethernet Switch Flexibilis        
Flexibilis Ethernet Switch with HSR Flexibilis        
PCI Express Endpoint Core Lattice  
SGMII and Gb Ethernet PCS Lattice  
Tri-Speed Ethernet MAC Core IP Lattice
XAUI 10Gb Ethernet Attachment Unit Interface Lattice    
Programmable Logic Reference Designs
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2
RGMII to GMII Bridge Lattice      
Programmable Logic Development Kits & Boards
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2
ECP5 PCI Express Development Kit Lattice        
LatticeECP3 I/O Protocol Evaluation Board Lattice        


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