Fixed Wireless Backhaul and Access – Fixed wireless broadband networks can use wireless links to connect nodes in their networks and to create the final connection to the customer’s premises. The Sii6342 RF Transceiver addresses backhaul and access applications.

LTE Small Cell and Metro Wi-Fi Backhaul – As data demand increases in urban areas, capacity is added to LTE and Metro Wi-Fi networks by dividing the coverage area into smaller cells. The SiI6342 RF Transceiver enables the wireless links that are required to connect the cells back to the core network.

Campus Wireless Bridging – Wireless bridges can be used to establish links between buildings in an enterprise, medical or educational campus. The SiI6340 is designed for short-range bridging applications.

The SB6541 baseband processor complements the RF Transceivers to provide a complete subsystem for wireless access and backhaul applications.

Standards Based Products

Wireless Fiber - Access and Backhaul chipsets High-throughput beam-steering 60 GHz RF transceivers and a complimentary baseband processor address the need for high capacity wireless links in wireless broadband networks, urban LTE small cells and metro Wi-Fi hot spots, and other link applications.