IR remote control design for Qualcomm APQ8060-based development system

This design interfaces the Vishay TSOP34338 or/and TSOP98200 IR receiver modules to the Qualcomm APQ8060-based development system. Additional pins are available to drive two IR transmitters if required. Various configurations of this design can support different remote controls or IR receivers. The Lattice iCE40 device that implements the bridge is the iCE40LP1K in the 36-ball ucBGA. The typical static current of the iCE40 is only 80 uAmps. Find more details or purchase the iCE Dragon demo board that plugs into the Qualcomm APQ8060-based development board.

Included in the design:

  • Programmed device or device bitstream
  • Android application
  • Drivers

Step by step guide:

  • Interrupt configuration
  • Identify I2C device lines
  • Interrupt handling driver in kernel
  • How to Build 8060 kernel
  • How to Edit init.rc & Re-build Kernel
  • Flash boot image to Dragonboard
  • Build IR_Scanner Application
  • Install IR_Scanner Application to Android
  • Debugging and Troubleshooting in Kernel and Application

For further details on the Qualcomm APQ8060-based development system visit www.mydragonboard.org

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