Gesture and Positional Tracking

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Gesture and positional interactions are key to making your VR experience more lifelike and immersive. To accurately capture a user's movement, parallel data capture and processing is critical.

Lattice's wide range of programmable product offerings provides the ability to capture and pre-process data from multiple video streams/sensor arrays while easily balancing hardware and software computation.

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Sensor-based Gesture Tracking with iCE40

  • Concurrent multi sensor acquisition and data processing to enable precise and accurate tracking.
  • Low power, small form factor, low cost.
  • Flexibility to to integrate computation or perform simple pre-processing such as time-stamping.

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Visual-based Gesture Tracking

  • Multiple product families capable of directly interfacing with multiple image sensors through HiSPi, sub-LVDS or MIPI CSI-2 interface protocols.
  • Readily available video pre-processing IP and development kits to simplify your design.
  • Wide range of programmable logic densities and integrated embedded features to accommodate your algorithm.

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Design Resources for Gesture and Positional Tracking

Programmable Logic IP
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2 MachXO2 MachXO3
2D Edge Detector Lattice        
2D FIR Filter Lattice        
2D Scaler Lattice      
Color Space Converter (CSC) Lattice    
DDR SDRAM Controller - Pipelined Lattice    
DDR2 SDRAM Controller - Pipelined Lattice    
DDR3 SDRAM Controller Lattice          
Deinterlacer Lattice        
Gamma Corrector Lattice      
Median Filter Lattice        
Programmable Logic Reference Designs
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2 MachXO2 MachXO3
Aptina HiSPi to Parallel Sensor Bridge Lattice          
Dual HiSPi Sensor Interface Bridge Lattice          
MIPI CSI-2 Receive Bridge Lattice      
MIPI CSI-2 Transmit Bridge Lattice      
Panasonic Area Sensor-to-Parallel Bridge Lattice        
Sensor Extender Lattice        
Sony Sub-LVDS to MIPI CSI-2 Sensor Bridge Lattice          
Sony subLVDS to Parallel Bridge Lattice      
Programmable Logic Development Kits & Boards
  Provider ECP5 / ECP5-5G LatticeECP2/M LatticeECP3 LatticeSC/M LatticeXP2 MachXO2 MachXO3
HDR-60 Video Camera Development Kit Lattice            
Lattice USB3 Video Bridge Development Kit Lattice            
MachXO2 Dual Sensor Interface Board Lattice            
MN34041 Sensor NanoVesta Headboard Lattice            
MT9M024 Sensor NanoVesta Lattice          
SensorExtender Card Lattice            


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