Custom Design Services for AI

Leverage Eco-System of Lattice sensAI Design Services Partners

Implementing machine learning inferencing designs in Lattice FPGAs requires an understanding of neural network design, neural network training using frameworks such as Caffe and TensorFlow, combined with more traditional RTL design.

The Lattice sensAI Design Services program provides access to design service companies to help you accelerate designs that implement deep learning on Lattice devices. They provide the capability to develop and train networks, and can develop RTL for your application.

Lattice qualifies all of their sensAI design service partners to ensure they can support both neural network development and training. Each partner has demonstrated knowledge in the design process and implementation of hardware.

Lattice sensAI
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To get more information on working with Lattice sensAI partners or to join the program as a partner please contact Lattice using the button below.

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