UltraGig™ 6400

The ultimate wireless solution for portable devices

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Complete Video Solution - A single-chip package with integrated 60 GHz RF transceiver, baseband processor, and embedded antenna array.

Designed for Smartphones and Tablets - This ultra-low-power transmitter enables robust high-definition wireless video connectivity between portable devices and large displays, delivering a cable-quality connection without wires.

Power Efficiency - Less than 500 mW when sending 1080p60 video.


  • System-In-Package, including 60 GHz transceiver, baseband processor and integrated antenna array
  • Support for multiple VESA and CEA video resolutions up to 1080p
  • Sub-frame video latency
  • Content protection using HDCP encryption
  • Includes MHL 2.0 transmitter

Family Table

Part # Description
SiI6400 Single Chip WirelessHD network processor, RF transceiver, and in-package antenna solution


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