ASC Bridge Board

Facilitates complex Power Management tasks development and prototyping

Easily interface a complex board (either MachXO3-9400 Development Board or ECP5 Versa Development Board) with multiple (1-3) L-ASC10 Evaluation boards for rapid prototyping, development and testing of Power Management tasks.

Facilitates trimming, margining, power up sequencing, reset, fan control, and fault logging using up to three L-ASC10 devices interfaced to a MachXO3-9400 (10k LUT) or ECP5UM-45F (45k LUT) device and evaluation board with multiple power rails (1.1V, 1.5V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 12V), memory, PCIe, and other devices.

Complete hardware management can be designed easily using Lattice Diamond Software through the GUI or using VHDL or Verilog in combination with the hardware demonstration and development platform described here.


  • Connectors for up to three L-ASC10 Evaluation Boards
  • Connector to MachXO3-9400 Development Board or ECP5 Versa Development Board expansion connectors
  • Three fan connectors with PWM (pulse width modulation) drive circuitry
  • Two tactile push buttons
  • 0.1-inch pitch through hole prototype area

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  • Ordering Part Number: L-ASC-BRIDGE-EVN
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Quick Reference
ASC Bridge Board User Guide
FPGA-EB-02025 2.1 11/30/2018 PDF 1.2 MB


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