Key Phrase Detection

Lattice sensAI Reference Design

Add Key Phrase Detection to any Device – The key phrase detection reference design enables systems to always search for key phrases using a digital microphone input. They key phrase in this reference design is “seven”.

Reduce Power without Compromising Performance – Systems can now enable artificial intelligence with an always on digital microphone while consuming less than 1 mW of active power. The phrase detection solution first looks for any sound before turning the neural network on. Once sound is detected, then the FPGA consumes 7mW to look for the key phrase “seven”.

Production-priced, Space-efficient Design – The complete inference engine fits inside of the iCE40 UltraPlus-5K FPGA which measures just 2.15 mm x 2.55 mm and can work with various popular digital microphones.


  • Ability to enter a low power state when no sound is present
  • Ability to differentiate between background noise and human voice
  • Ability to detect a key phrase of “seven”
  • Hardware platform used to demonstrate this reference design is the iCE40 UltraPlus MDP board which uses a single I2S digital microphone
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Technical Resources
Key Phrase Detection Using Compact CNN Accelerator IP - Documentation
FPGA-RD-02033 1.2 11/1/2018 PDF 558 KB
Key Phrase Detection Using Compact CNN Accelerator IP Project Files
1.2 11/1/2018 ZIP 1.3 MB

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