Mobile USB Type-C Port Controllers

Control the connection of the future, today

Fewer ports, lighter designs – Streamline your designs with ICs that support MHL or DisplayPort Alternate Modes at 4K 60 fps UHD video output as well as simultaneous USB 3 operation from the same port.

Read, write and charge faster – USB Type-C port controllers enable data transfer speeds of up to twice that of USB 3.1 and provide faster device with support for bi-directional charging and Power Delivery (PD) communications.

Never fight a cable again - USB Type-C can be plugged in any direction (reversible) thanks to its unique Cable Configuration (CC) technology.


  • Integrated switches to simplify the implementation of video output in either MHL or DisplayPort Alternate Modes
  • Available in a range of packages from BGA81, BGA36, WLCSP36, QFN24, QFN48 and CSP16
  • Cable configuration (CC) enables connector to be plugged in upside-up or upside-down
  • Faster charging and thanks to Power Delivery (PD) communications, bi-directional charging is also enabled
  • Superspeed switches also available

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Family Table

Part Function SuperSpeed
Video Switch Package USB Type-C
Sil7014 CC/PD PHY DisplayPort
Auxiliary Channel
QFN24 3 x 3 mm v1.1
Sil7024 CC/PD PHY Yes MHL® QFN24 4 x 4 mm v1.1
Sil7033 CC/PD PHY Yes MHL®
DisplayPort x1 and x2
BGA36 3 x 3 mm v1.1
UC110 CC/PD FULL STACK QFN48 7 x 7 mm v1.1
UC120 CC/PD PHY WLCSP36 2.08 x 2.08 mm v1.1
UC140 CC/PD FULL STACK BGA81 4 x 4 mm v1.1


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