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Designing a Wearable Body Camera with a Wireless Connector

Posted 02/20/2018 by Ehren Achee, CTO at SecuraShot Technologies

We knew what we wanted, but didn’t know how to get to a solution. We wanted to offer police officers a fully connector-less, robust body camera that could be worn throughout an entire work shift and still operate. The issue was that the camera would be capturing a lot of data throughout the day, so getting this information out without a mechanical connector had us scratching our heads. That is, until we learned about Lattice’s Snap short range wireless link technology.

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Change is in the Air – 60 GHz Infrastructure is Boosted by Regulatory Reform

Posted 09/26/2017 by Neil Bullock

The 60 GHz band is ideal for infrastructure applications in urban environments and is a very cost-effective alternative to fiber deployment. So why are we not seeing 60 GHz nodes on every street corner? There are important changes coming in the regulations governing the use of the 60 GHz band which make this more likely in the near future.

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A Better Mobile POS

A Better Mobile POS with Empathy and Lattice

Posted 06/20/2017 by Yoshihiro Nakamura, Director of Device Development at Empathy

Portable, battery powered Point of Sale/Service (POS) devices were originally only used by delivery truck drivers. However, today’s fast-paced lifestyle and an ever-increasing focus on customer satisfaction have driven the proliferation of mobile POS devices into the hands of retail workers, restaurant servers, rental car agents, and many others. These new systems allow businesses to checkout customers whenever they are ready, wherever they are. These unique use cases created a new set of...

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Wireless Technology - in the operating room

NDS’s ZeroWire® Addresses Medical Industry Challenges

Posted 01/31/2017 by Greg W. Hartman - NDS Director of Global Sales, ZeroWire

Technology is rapidly changing the environment and practice in the medical industry, including the surgical theatre commonly known as the Operating Room (OR). ORs are transitioning from a traditional model, where radiology imaging equipment resides in a separate room of the hospital, to a new Hybrid or Integrated OR model, where advanced diagnostic imaging equipment becomes an integral part of the surgical suite.

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Projecting the Future of Wireless

Projecting the Future of Wireless

Posted 09/27/2016 by Peiju Chiang

Across the consumer electronics landscape, wires have fallen out of fashion. Cellular coverage and Wi-Fi are everywhere. Wireless headphones are not only gaining popularity amongst audio brands, but also smartphone manufacturers. Wireless power has started to penetrate the mainstream as well, with international companies from Samsung to Starbucks offering wireless phone charging stations. Another area where wires are being removed is in audio & video (AV) links. Technology like WirelessHD t...

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When Wireless Technologies and Drones Soar

When Wireless Technologies and Drones Soar

Posted 08/02/2016 by Peiju Chiang

When I walked the show floor at CES 2016, I knew right then and there that drones would become one of the hottest technologies of 2016. I could not go a few steps without seeing one hovering in the air. There were drones as small as the size of your palm and drones that aimed to carry a person in flight. Even the heavy-weights like Intel, Qualcomm, and NVIDIA, had joined the fray.

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60 GHz Wireless for Industrial Applications

60 GHz Wireless for Industrial Applications

Posted 06/21/2016 by Peiju Chiang

We live in a world where we heavily rely on wireless. From high-speed data to conduct business transactions to streaming video onto mobile devices, wireless is everywhere. The growth of mobile phones and laptops have put the existing wireless spectrums under strain. And as technology and our personal needs evolve, wireless connectivity needs to keep pace with the growing demand.

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60 GHz Taking the VR Experience

60 GHz: Taking the VR Experience to the Next Level

Posted 03/02/2016 by Peiju Chiang

Imagine. You open your eyes and before you lies a broad, rocky valley on Mars. You are moving, unencumbered by a space suit, looking around, exploring this alien landscape. Or maybe you are on a quest, traveling through a dark forest with a team of trusty companions. You look up and you see the sunlight through the branches. You look to your left and see the glint of…wait is that a sword?

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60 GHz at CES 2016

60 GHz Technology Makes Waves at CES 2016

Posted 02/03/2016 by Jean-Marc Laurent

In the depths of winter, with glitter from New Year celebrations still being cleaned off the streets, nearly 4,000 exhibitors descended upon Las Vegas. Starting your year with CES has become an annual rite of passage for consumer electronics companies, and with more than 20,000 products it looks like CES 2016 was another record setting show.

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Shrinking the LTE small cell

Shrinking the LTE Small Cell and Wi-Fi Wireless Backhaul Footprint (or how to delight an urban planner)

Posted 11/19/2015 by Neil Bullock

Similar to real estate investment, the key to success in LTE small cell and Wi-Fi access point positioning is location, location and location! To get the greatest return on investment, mobile phone operators and Wi-Fi service providers must conduct a careful analysis of their network coverage and capacity to identify the best equipment placement location.

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