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<div>1.Why is there no \u201CLCMXO256C-4TN100C\u201D part from Diamond 3.6 and... 4949 MachXO faq Implementation Project Navigator
Is the internal oscillator of the MachXO device User-Adjustable? 5094 MachXO faq Architecture Oscillator
How to fix problems with regards to programming XO1200 in avionic application? 5221 MachXO faq Device Programming Customer Board
What is the cause of this error: "Error- No hierarchy could be parsed out because there... 4863 MachXO faq Implementation Synthesis
How is the Global Set Reset (GSR) used in a design? Do I need to use the GSR symbol or... 655 MachXO faq Architecture General Logic
How to enable diamond floating license on VPN server? 5341 MachXO faq Licensing
How to instantiate Oscillator (OSCC) in verilog? 5292 MachXO faq
What is the status of the I/Os, and their PULLMODE in MachXO devices when they enter... 4779 MachXO faq
What is the detailed power up sequence for a MachXO device? 950 MachXO faq Architecture Power Sequence
What is the default I/O state in a blank MachXO device? 739 MachXO faq Architecture Configuration/Programming
What is the detailed power-up sequence for a MachXO device? 619 MachXO faq Architecture Power Sequence
What is the meaning of "I/O Tristate Voltage Applied" and "Dedicated Input Voltage... 2516 MachXO faq Architecture IO
How is the TSALL pin used in the MachXO? 246 MachXO faq Architecture IO
The bitstream download time can vary for Lattice MachXO device programing mode. Does... 2373 MachXO faq Device Programming Configuration/Programming
For the MachXO's Idk (hot socketing leakage spec), what factors control whether the Idk... 2185 MachXO faq Architecture IO
What is the IO state when VCC, VCCAUX reach the datasheet recommended levels but VCCIO... 1782 MachXO faq Architecture Power Sequence
What is the use of the following attribute in IPExpress generated DPRAM HDL file?... 3905 MachXO faq Implementation IPExpress
What programming cable type should be selected in ispVM System when using the MachXO... 593 MachXO faq Lattice Evaluation Board MachXO Control Dev Kit
Is part number LCMXO1200C-3FTN256C has different dies from the previous XO1200 device? 5589 MachXO faq
Why can't I scan or program the MachXO device on the MachXO Mini board after I... 534 MachXO faq Device Programming Lattice Evaluation Boards
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