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How to calculate the internal resistor value of SPI_SS_B pin for iCE40 devices? 3520 iCE40 faq Architecture Configuration/Programming
Why is the tCQ delay indicated by Timing Analyzer and Timing Simulation different? 4390 iCE40 faq Simulation Aldec
Where do I find the demo board user guide for iCE40LM4K? 4038 iCE40 faq Lattice Evaluation Board
Does the iCE40LP384 device use a discrete crystal as the clock source? 3967 iCE40 faq Architecture IO
What is the supported maximum bit rate with DDR (DDR Toggling rate) feeding the... 3667 iCE40 faq Architecture DDR/DDR2/DDR3
While the PLL code is generated in iCEcube2, user gets this warning message:"No clock... 3643 iCE40 faq Implementation Synthesis
Which product will be good to transition from the iCE40 HX range of devices? 4591 iCE40 faq
Is the DIVF Divider Range correct in iCE40 sysCLOCK PLL Design and Usage Guide (TN1251)? 5255 iCE40 faq
Why am I unable to install License for Diamond 3.10? 5586 iCE40 faq Installation
The NVCM programming spec frequently mentions wait times equivalent to a certain number... 5811 iCE40 faq Device Programming Embedded Programming
Is there a list of a recommended diode for VPP_2V5 voltage like the one on many iCE40... 5816 iCE40 faq Customer Board Design Schematic Review
Is daisy-chain programming possible on multiple iCE40 chips? 5786 iCE40 faq Device Programming
Why is there no clock reaching the reference clock pin 'REFERENCECLK' of PLL instance... 5695 iCE40 faq Implementation Synthesis
Why is BRAM EBR not synthesising? 5686 iCE40 faq Architecture
Which are the supported platform's for iCECube2 ? 5087 iCE40 faq Implementation Fitter
I am not able to get the iCE40 PLL working in simulation. What could be the reason? 5047 iCE40 faq Simulation Aldec
We have programmed the iCE40 NVCM, can we re-program it? 5046 iCE40 faq Architecture
What is the default configuration of the iCE40 pins? 5044 iCE40 faq Architecture IO
Can the iCE40 SPI configuration port be used as GPIO? 5042 iCE40 faq Architecture IO
How can we use the dedicated RGB, IR pins in iCE40 devices as GPIO? 5041 iCE40 faq Entry Verilog
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