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Does ECP3 support bidirectional  HSTL15D_I? 5210 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture IO
Does the maximum IO buffer speed (frequency) depends on the speed grade of  FPGA? 5123 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture IO
When RTL code is changed or configuration bits are changed,why does the CRC of... 5104 LatticeECP3 faq Device Programming Configuration/Programming
Is there a way to simulate the ECP3 configuration from external Flash? 5099 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture Configuration/Programming
What maximum bandwidth can the DDR3 PHY IP provide? 5050 LatticeECP3 faq Lattice IP/Reference Design DDR3 PHY
As per IPUG80 64-bit DDR3 memory is supported in ECP3, but when we run the pinout... 4958 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture DDR Memory Interface
How to check if the design uses the Clock Tolerance Circuit (CTC) inside the SERDES... 4746 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture SERDES/PCS
What is the permitted maximum undershoot/overshoot voltage of a particular device? 4657 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture IO
What are the most important points to consider while performing on-chip deployment for... 4651 LatticeECP3 faq Device Programming Deployment Tool
Where to find component symbol for ALTIUM CAD tool associated to Lattice FPGA? 4572 LatticeECP3 faq Customer Board Design Layout
What is alternative parameter of ASIC FDEL for ECP3? FDEL is being used for better... 4561 LatticeECP3 faq Architecture PLL/DLL/Clock Routing
Where can I find socket adaptor for Lattice FPGA? 4508 LatticeECP3 faq Device Programming Diamond Programmer
While debugging the C code in Mico System Builder, the following error occurs: "Malform... 4419 LatticeECP3 faq Debugging Reveal
Why does an error occur while compiling Mico32 under Eclipse on Windows 8.1, and it... 4350 LatticeECP3 faq Implementation Mico32(MSB)
What is the equivalent tool of "ispUFM" (from ispLEVER) in latest Lattice Diamond? 4339 LatticeECP3 faq Other
Can we change the DEVSEL parameter to SLOW for the PCIe IP (Peripheral Component... 3606 LatticeECP3 faq Lattice IP/Reference Design PCIe
When using Lattice tools with Lattice Diamond Subscription License, an error is... 3562 LatticeECP3 faq Licensing Lattice Diamond
Is there an easy way to modify some Embedded Block RAM (EBR) data before running bitgen... 3538 LatticeECP3 faq Implementation EPIC
Where can I find more information related to Lattice Intellectual Property (IP)? Like... 3517 All FPGA faq Lattice IP/Reference Design PCIe
How many MSI (Message Signaled Interrupt) interrupts can be implemented using Lattice... 3515 LatticeECP3 faq Lattice IP/Reference Design PCIe