Wireless Medical Video Applications

60 GHz enabled solutions to eliminate wires in the surgical suite

Cables and wires on the operating room floor can become tripping hazards and create an unsafe conditions. Lattice makes 60 GHz wireless video products which allow clinics and hospitals to eliminate video and audio cables, thereby improving safety.


  • 60 GHz WirelessHD free from interference
  • Wide support for video resolutions up to 1080p/60 Hz
  • Sub-frame latency for real-time video delivery
  • Signals are contained within a room
60GHz Wireless Video Module

Design Resources

mmWave Solutions
mmWave Product Description
WirelessHD® Transmitter/Receiver Modules Lattice 4K WirelessHD module reference design provides the most convenient way to replace an HDMI cable wirelessly.

Using 60 GHz wireless video in medical applications

Lattice has partnered with NDS Surgical Imaging to bring this technology to the operating room. NDS has added medical specific feature to the firmware to create an interoperable wireless video ecosystem. Features include:

  • Reliable Linking/Pairing interface; reset control, sleep/wake control, etc.
  • Interface for signal strength indicator
  • Channel management (priority control in case of multiple pairs)

NDS will support customers with turnkey, regulatory approved products, or design services around the Lattice 60 GHz products since they have prior experience with regulatory approvals and required testing. Contact sales for more information.