Surveillance Video Camera

From sensor bridging to camera ISP and DVR Solutions

Surveillance systems have evolved from SD analog video with tape recording to HD and 4K digital video with DVR, adding management and offline search functions along the way.

Emerging Smart Surveillance Systems offer advanced analytics – in the cloud, at the edge, or in the latest Smart Cameras. Adding intelligence in the camera reduces latency, enables enhanced privacy, and can reduce transmission / storage costs by only transmitting alerts and metadata.

Lattice’s small form-factor low power FPGAs are optimal for Smart Surveillance Cameras. They enable flexible Sensor Interfacing, Image Signal processing (ISP), Sensor Fusion, aggregation, and AI/ML. Lattice’s Embedded Vision and sensAI solutions stacks simplify the integration of these enhanced functions.

Video Surveillance

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Example Use Cases

Multi Sensor Aggregation / Fusion Cameras

  • Multi Sensor Interfacing and Processing
  • Environmental Sensors
  • Image fusion / proces
  • Audio processing

Edge AI Processing

  • Bridge one or multiple CSI-2 image sensors to processor interface
  • Up to 3 Mb of internal RAM for processing
  • Offloads inferencing from CPU for Video Analytics
  • Combine video bridging and edge AI into a single device
  • Optionally eliminate CPU/AP for analytics only

Legacy Camera Aggregation / Video Analytics

  • Video Aggregation
  • Image Processing
  • PCI-e I/F to Host
  • sensAI Video Analytics


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