Functional Safety for Industrial and Automotive Applications

ISO 26262 and IEC 61508 Certified Design Flow for Lattice FPGAs

Working with TÜV Rheinland, Germany, Lattice has obtained functional safety certifications for FPGA design development flow. Lattice Diamond software is certified for both the Industrial Functional Safety Standard (IEC 61508) and the Road Vehicles Functional Safety Standard (ISO 26262).

  • Speed up Automotive (ISO 26262) and Industrial (IEC 61508) design cycles for safety-critical applications
  • FPGA Functional Safety Design Flow for Automotive and Industrial applications certified by TÜV Rheinland, Germany
  • Adheres to latest safety design methodology, saves time-to-market and reduces costs
  • Supports MachXO, MachXO2, LatticeXP2, LatticeECP2, LatticeECP2M and LatticeECP3
  • Functional Safety Design Flow solution based on the Lattice Diamond Design Tools version 2.1
IEC61508 Certification for safety-critical applications

Functional safety features are part of any modern automotive and industrial product development. With more and more applications becoming autonomous, like robots on the factory floors and autonomous vehicles, making functional safety increasingly more important.

Under these standards the Lattice Diamond software has infrastructure for applications development to design, implement, integrate, verify and validate FPGA design. Safety manuals for both standards provide guidelines to assess risks and provide safety measures to control random hardware failures.

Lattice Diamond software is certified for Safety Integrity Level 3 (or SIL-3) under IEC 61508 and Automotive Safety Integrity Level D (or ASIL-D) under ISO 26262.

Click on the button below to request a copy of the full Functional Safety Design Flow Safety Manual by contacting your local Lattice Sales office.


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Development of Safety Related Systems
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