Data Center Systems – Storage Systems

Reusable low-cost control PLD solution for reduced time-to-market

Reliable Startup Control in Storage System Boards – Non-volatile, instant-on, lowest cost per I/IO, feature-rich MachXO3 FPGA family enables integration of first-on/last-off functions in a storage controller board based on Intel or ARM processors.

Eliminate Data Loss Due to Power Fail – Power failure early warning through precision voltage monitoring; integrated voltage, current and temperature monitoring, and measurement functions of hardware management logic using L-ASC10. In addition the real time fault logging capability simplifies hardware debug.

Small Form-Factor, Low-Cost Options for Hot-Swappable Backplane Applications – MachXO2 products available in TQFP and QFN packages provide lowest cost to manufacture options for auto-configure HDD, SSD and NVMe drives.

Block Diagram

Data Systems - Storage Systems

  • Control and Protection
  • Standard scalable hardware management (power & thermal management, Control PLD, Glue logic)
  • Reliable data loss prevention during power off
  • Hitless in-system update support

Example Solutions

Control PLD

  • Power and reset sequencing, thermal management
  • Out-of-band signaling aggregation including 1V signals from CPU
  • Glue logic (SPI, I2C, UART, GPIO, SGPIO, fan controller, debug port, JTAG Mux, etc.)
  • Modify algorithms without power-cycling using hitless updates

Hot Swappable HDD/FD/ NVMe Drive Backplane Controller

  • Auto selection of control port from I2C, SGPIO between HDD/FD/NVMe drives
  • Scalable solution from 2 drives to 24 drives
  • Automatic color LED/ monochrome LED drive support
  • On-chip Flash and EBR for FRU data store

Host bus Adapter Logic Integration

  • Integrate SGPIO and other out-of-band signaling
  • Power/reset sequencing and other control PLD functions, Fast supply fault detect, initiate Status save
  • On-chip Flash for fault logging, LED drives
  • In-system update through I2C with hitless I/O support

Analog Monitoring

  • Voltage, temperature and current measurement
  • Scalable solution from 10 rails to 80 rails with fault detection within 100 us with 0.2% accuracy
  • Fault logging in non-volatile memory

Design Resources

Programmable Logic Development Kits & Boards
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