LatticeECP3 I/O Protocol Evaluation Board

The LatticeECP3 IO Protocol Evaluation Board provides a convenient platform to evaluate, test and debug user designs and IP cores targeted for the LatticeECP3 FPGA. The LatticeECP3 I/Os are connected to a rich variety of both generic and application-specific interfaces.

Some common uses for the LatticeECP3 IO Protocol Evaluation board include:

  • Applications requiring large DDR3 memory width and depth
  • High-speed parallel ADC/DAC Interface
  • SERDES data transfer with external devices
  • 1000base-T PHY/RJ45 networking
  • A single-board computer system
  • A platform for evaluating the Input/Output (I/O) characteristics of the FPGA
  • A platform for evaluation and development with Lattice IP cores

ADC-DAC Interface Card

The ADC-DAC interface card connects to the HMZD connector on the IO protocol board, and has two connectors that match ADC and DAC boards from TI.


  • SPI Serial Flash device included for low-cost, non-volatile LatticeECP3 configuration storage
  • Two 64-bit DDR3 DIMM module sockets
  • Tri-speed (10/100/1000 Mbit) Ethernet PHY with RJ-45 (includes 12 core magnetics)
  • USB 2.0 transceiver
  • Built-in USB 2.0 download for LatticeECP3 and ispPAC® bitstreams.
  • Also includes ispDOWNLOAD™ JTAG headers for LatticeECP3, ispPAC, and MachXO™ bitstreams
  • High-speed HMZD connector with 80 differential pair connections and selectable VTT voltage
  • 8-pin DIP switch and three user-definable debounced pushbuttons
  • Discrete LEDs and 7-segment LED
  • LCD module connector
  • Prototyping areas with 125 spare test point I/O pins
  • 1 selectable user I/O bank voltage with access to 2 VREF test points
  • Logic analyzer probe connection
  • 5 pairs of high-speed differential I/O using SMA connectors
  • 5 crystal oscillators
  • 2 selectable high-speed differential external clock sources with PLL feed back inputs
  • 4 channels (1 quad) of differential SERDES (TX and RX) using SMA connectors
  • 1 high-current high-speed I/O connection using an SMA connector
  • 3.3V, 2.5V, 1.5V, 1.2V and DDR3 voltages are generated from a single 12V power source
  • 3 fixed or adjustable DDR3 reference voltages
  • 1 Mbit serial EEPROM for general data storage over I2C bus
  • Power Manager II ispPAC-POWR1220AT8 chip for monitoring input power and regulator outputs to be within nominal tolerance with programmable trims
  • ispVM™ System programming support
  • Multi-board JTAG programming capability and sysCONFIG™ connector

Board Photos

Bottom View

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Top View

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ADC-DAC Interface card

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I/O Protocol Board With ADC-DAC Interface card

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Ordering Information

  • LatticeECP3 IO Protocol Board: LFE3-150EA-IO-EVN
  • ADC-DAC Interface Card: LFE3-ADC-DAC-EVN
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