MIPI DSI to OpenLDI LVDS Display Interface Bridge

Most mobile processors use industry standard interfaces such as MIPI DSI for interface connectivity. Larger consumer and industrial displays sometimes have a OpenLDI or LVDS interface that cannot be directly connected to a mobile application processor without a bridge. Many new applications want to leverage mobile innovations while utilizing larger displays with specific requirements and capabilities.

Lattice CrossLink is a programmable video interface bridging device capable of converting processors with MIPI DSI interfaces to OpenLDI at up to 6 Gbps per PHY. This bridge is available as free IP is available in Lattice Diamond for allowing easy configuration and setup.


  • Supports MIPI DSI Input at up to 12 Gbps
  • Supports OpenLDI at up to 6.4 Gbps
  • Supports DSI compatible video formats (RGB) :
    • RGB888
    • RGB666
    • RGB888
  • Compliance with MIPI D-PHY Specification v1.1
  • Compliance with DSI Specification v1.1

Block Diagram

Supported Configurations

Bridge Configuration Data Format No. of RX Lane No. of TX Lane
1:1 (Single MIPI DSI to OpenLDI Single Link)  RGB666 3 4
RGB888 4 4
2:1 (Single MIPI DSI to OpenLDI Dual Link)  RGB666 3 4
RGB888 4 4
2:2 (Dual MIPI DSI to OpenLDI Dual Link)  RGB666 3 4


Quick Reference
MIPI DSI to OpenLDI/FPD-Link/LVDS Interface Bridge Soft IP User Guide
FPGA-IPUG-02003 1.2 11/7/2016 PDF 1 MB