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High Speed Multimedia Connectivity Solutions

Wired and Wireless Technologies for Consumer Electronics, Mobile and PC

Silicon Image’s high-performance digital connectivity ICs and IP core offerings support leading wired and wireless technologies that deliver seamless connectivity across a wide array of devices in the home, office and on the go. Silicon Image has been the driving force behind de facto industry standards such as HDMI, MHL and DVI. We don’t wait for innovation, we create it.

USB Type-C Solutions

Small. Fast. Flexible

The new USB Type-C connector is great news for both designers and consumers. Its robust characteristics and additional capabilities allow designers to create products which are easier to use, more durable, and deliver improved performance. The Lattice suite of USB Type-C Solutions will help accelerate your implementation of these value-add functions.

HetNet Small Cell Solutions

Enabling Femto, Pico, and Metro Cells

Lattice is enabling the emerging heterogeneous networks (HetNet) applications with a unique mix of programmable solutions including low cost connectivity to ASICs and ASSPs, flexible instant-on system control, and integrated power management. Lattice's HetNet solutions include an optimized portfolio of connectivity IP, reference designs and system level solutions with leading ASSP vendors.

SiBEAM 60GHz WirelessHD Solutions

Wireless high-speed video and audio

Performance-tested and regulatory-approved SiBEAM WirelessHD modules reduce the complexity of integrating high-performance wireless video capabilities into displays. The modules deliver visually lossless 1080p video streams at up to 60 frames per second and are an ideal video cable replacement solution.


Multimedia Connectivity

Delivering advanced wired and wireless connectivity ASSPs and IP for consumer electronics, mobile and PC. The driving force behind industry standards such as HDMI, MHL and DVI.

SiBEAM WirelessHD

The WirelessHD transmitter and receiver modules provide a digital audio/video interface compatible with HDMI®, enabling wireless transfer of 1080p quality video.

iCE40 Ultra / UltraLite

The world’s most integrated mobility-focused FPGA, allowing you to upgrade current products or create brand new capabilities.


An instant on, non-volatile, small-footprint FPGA family with advanced package technology and bridging capability with the highest I/O density at the lowest cost.


These FPGAs are optimized for delivering low cost, small form factor, and low power programmable serial connectivity in Comms and Industrial applications.


Lattice Diamond

Flagship design flow for FPGAs with an easy-to-use interface, efficient design flow, superior design exploration, and more.


Supports the iCE40 family of ultra low-density FPGAs with easy to use design tools that help you hit your power, cost, and time-to-market targets.

ispLEVER Classic

Complete design flow for CPLDs and mature programmable products

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Intellectual Property & Reference Designs

Simplify your design efforts by using pre-tested, reusable functions

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